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Zhejiang Pujiang Jingsheng Crystal Co., Ltd.
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No. 4 크리스탈 공예품 부문 가장 인기 있는Cooperated suppliers (50)Supplier assessment proceduresOn-site material inspectionQuality management certified
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Main product
US$1.95 - US$2.20
Shipping to be negotiated
Min. Order: 200 개
Main product
US$13.00 - US$18.70
Shipping to be negotiated
Min. Order: 20 개
쉬운 반품
Main product
Shipping to be negotiated
Min. Order: 5 개
쉬운 반품
Main product
US$2.76 - US$4.00
Shipping to be negotiated
Min. Order: 2 개
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by SGS Group
회사 등록일2002-09-26
지원 언어English
수출 경력21
업계 경력21
생산 역량
품질 관리
원자재의 제품 지원 추적성No
제품 검사 방법Inspection of all products, Random inspection
모든 생산 라인에 품질 관리 수행No
QA/QC 검사원8
무역 배경
주요 시장North America(20%), South America(20%), Eastern Europe(20%)
주요 고객 유형Retailer, Engineer, Wholesaler, Brand business, For private use, Manufacturer
R&D 역량
맞춤 제작 옵션light customization, sample processing, graphic processing, customized on demand
작년에 출시한 신제품500
R&D 엔지니어5
R&D 엔지니어 교육 수준2 graduate, 1 technicalSchool, 2 juniorCollege
회사 리뷰 (22)
4.3 /5
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I ordered the trophies because I loved the design. However, when it arrived, the top and bottom part of trophy was glued wrongly and as a result, it was a very panicky situation for any event manager - we had to scramble to find local sources to make amends as we were unsure if the trophies could arrive on time. Throughout the whole episode, I had asked for photos, for mock up, but was given very much lackluster reply - only to find out that the salesperson had just delivered her baby. I understand how difficult it is to be a new mother, but I think the company as a whole could have done better as it was also a panic attack for me when I found out that the trophies were scripted incorrectly despite being very tight on schedule. The seller tried to rectify the situation by rushing to make a new one, but which organizer can wait until the very last minute? Indeed, we only received the amended trophies after our ceremony and it was really very disappointing.
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    K9 크리스탈 볼, 당신은 로고를 사용자 정의 할 수 있습니다, 선택할 수있는 다른 색상이 있습니다, 크기는 30-200mm # ball # crystalball
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